Introducing… Yulia Shutko, Partner

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Yulia discusses how she’s helping a retailer to navigate volatility, why she admires a recent McDonald’s campaign, and why compassion is a significant skill to have in the workplace.

What are you working on currently?

I’m working with a large retailer to help them navigate the current economic uncertainty. The objective is to identify key sales drivers, optimize the marketing budget, improve marketing ROI, and ultimately drive sales growth. What I find exciting and deeply rewarding is knowing that my contributions have a substantial influence on the company. From making data-driven decisions to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing efforts, our work is leading to improved commercial performance.

You joined Gain Theory in 2022 – what have been the highlights so far?

People are definitely a priority at Gain Theory. The training opportunities and working environment are exceptional and there’s a commitment to fostering genuine partnerships with our clients. There are also fantastic offsite company gatherings and a wide variety of social events throughout the year. Our recent Summer Company Day, which included an adult sports day competition, was really enjoyable and great for team bonding.

You lead our Managers’ Academy in EMEA – what are some of the key skills that a manager needs to succeed at Gain Theory?

The transition from analyst to manager represents a substantial leap. In addition to their own work, managers have to supervise junior colleagues and manage upwards while ensuring the smooth execution of daily project tasks. To assist with this, the Managers’ Academy delivers comprehensive training to both new and established managers. The curriculum encompasses a wide array of courses, spanning everything from project management skills to enhancing soft skills.

What’s the best campaign you’ve seen recently?

The McDonald’s Raise Your Arches campaign is a great example of successful brand advertising. It excels in generating an emotional connection that contributes to the overall strength of the brand. It’s just one example of many advertisements that McDonald’s has released over the last few years – this shows they realize that commercial success is derived through a long-term approach to and investment in their brand globally. Even through challenging times, such as when McDonald’s reputation has suffered from negative publicity, they use brand-based adverts to change or reinforce consumer perception.

What book would you recommend to our readers?

I’ve recently finished reading The Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert. It’s a book that delves into the scientific aspects of compassion and equips readers with practical methods to nurture a gentler and more compassionate connection with oneself, ultimately contributing to improved mental wellbeing and enhanced emotional resilience. Compassion is particularly significant in the workplace, as it can bring about positive effects on individuals, teams, and the overall atmosphere.

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