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Arrow lights leading to an end point
Gain Theory research | 20 May 2024

Defining success is one of the most important but overlooked ways to improve your marketing effectiveness strategy

Two women employees
Data and analytics | 14 May 2024

How to make data-informed decision-making more rewarding for your organization

Justin Nell
Gain Theory people | 30 April 2024

Introducing… Justin Nel, New Business and Client Engagement Director, Australia

Gain Theory people | 27 March 2024

Introducing… Patricia Moro, Director

Gain Theory people | 29 February 2024

Introducing… Arvind Sethumadhavan, Client Growth Officer, APAC

Granular geographic data
Advertising and media  | 12 February 2024

How granular geographic data delivers privacy-compliant insights and improves effectiveness

Accelerating growth with marketing effectiveness
Data and analytics | 26 January 2024

Unlock growth in 2024 with a new marketing effectiveness framework

Gain Theory people | 26 January 2024

Introducing… Alan Bloodworth, EMEA & APAC CEO

gen AI marketing effectiveness
Audience insights  | 28 December 2023

What role can generative AI play in marketing effectiveness?

Foresight | 13 December 2023

How mastering the power of foresight helps marketers to plan more effectively

Gain Theory people | 8 December 2023

Introducing… Aleksandr Feygis, Partner

Manjiry Tamhane, Global CEO
Gain Theory people | 3 November 2023

Introducing… Manjiry Tamhane, Global CEO

Yulia Shutko, Partner
Gain Theory people | 20 September 2023

Introducing… Yulia Shutko, Partner

Four participants at WPP's Doing Data Differently event
Data and analytics | 11 August 2023

Driving growth with data: How marketers can help brands to overcome the barriers

Gain Theory people | 29 June 2023

Introducing… Claudia Sestini, Global CMO

How marketing can strengthen its alliance with finance
Marketing in uncertainty | 11 May 2023

How marketing can strengthen its alliance with finance

Sam Fellows
Gain Theory people | 27 April 2023

Introducing… Sam Fellows, Managing Partner

Zosia Jakobek
Gain Theory people | 3 April 2023

Introducing… Zosia Jakobek, Senior Director

Data-Driven Tips to Boost Marketing Effectiveness
Data and analytics | 16 March 2023

6 things marketers can do to boost effectiveness by being more data-driven

Maria Fadeeva
Gain Theory people | 7 March 2023

Introducing… Maria Fadeeva, Partner

Combat Uncertainty and Build Confidence
Audience insights  | 3 February 2023

3 ways marketers can combat uncertainty and build confidence

Gain Theory people | 27 January 2023

Introducing… Chris Chumun, Partner

CPG ad spend
Advertising and media  | 11 January 2023

How long does it take for CPG advertising to pay back?

Lindsay Egan
Gain Theory people | 15 December 2022

Introducing… Lindsay Egan, Senior Partner

Advertising and media  | 29 November 2022

How proving effectiveness is helping one retailer to defend media budgets

Gain Theory people | 24 November 2022

Introducing… Akhila Venkitachalam, Senior Partner

Advertising and media  | 24 October 2022

Meta research: why ads with multiple objectives are more effective

Russell Nuzzo
Gain Theory people | 13 October 2022

Introducing… Russell Nuzzo, Managing Partner

near-time audience insights
Audience insights  | 11 October 2022

How near-time audience insights improve marketing effectiveness

Mitigate Recessionary Impacts on Brand
Foresight | 10 October 2022

Proactive steps marketers can take to mitigate recessionary impacts on their brand

use foresight in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world
Data and analytics | 17 February 2022

How marketers can use foresight in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world

Marketing effectiveness in an uncertain world
Advertising and media  | 23 April 2020

Marketing effectiveness in an uncertain world

The 9 Golden Rules of Measurement
Gain Theory research | 13 February 2020

9 Golden Rules for Measurement

The Growth Opportunity
Gain Theory research | 23 October 2019

CTRL+ALT+CHANGE: The Growth Opportunity

Brand vs performance spend
Brand | 9 April 2019

Brand vs performance spend: Where should the pendulum swing?

best-in-class marketing effectiveness
Gain Theory research | 11 October 2018

How to achieve best-in-class marketing effectiveness

media investment study
Advertising and media  | 15 April 2018

Five key results from our long-term impact of media investment study

The long-term impacts of advertisin
Advertising and media  | 1 December 2017

The long-term impacts of advertising: a first-of-its-kind study

Long-term effects of advertising
Advertising and media  | 29 March 2017

Long-term effects of advertising