Creative effectiveness:

How to unlock more growth from your advertising with AI-powered measurement

Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising creatives you’ve typically relied on gut instinct, pre-testing, and awards. But these approaches lack a crucial ingredient – a direct link to your sales.

Now, thanks to advances in AI we can apply the mathematical rigor used to measure media to measure creative, it is possible to accurately measure how effective your advertising creative is and accelerate growth.

Marketers are leaving growth on the table

Many marketers have used media performance as the main proxy for effective advertising when it is only part of the story.

Studies have suggested that the difference between a good creative and a bad creative in terms of effectiveness is far wider than the difference between a good media partner and a bad media partner.

So, by not measuring the true effectiveness of creative – how it links directly to consumers buying the product or service – marketers are leaving growth on the table.

“Our indication is that creative optimization can improve ROI by 30-40% and in some cases by more, while media optimizations typically improve ROI more on the order of 20%.”
Russell Nuzzo, Head of New Client Solutions & Partnerships

A new way to measure creative effectiveness

Our new approach to measuring creative effectiveness uses AI to break down individual creative assets into their constituent parts – we call them Creative Features – such as products, actors, and brand partners.

These Creative Features can then be mapped against how effective the ad that they appeared in were. Consequently, it is possible to determine which Creative Features have the biggest impact on sales.

When you integrate these insights with insights about how to optimize your media plan, you can really start to accelerate growth.

“Imagine if you were able to tweak the form and function of the least effective creative in your campaign and make them 10% more effective. This could generate significant incremental sales for comparatively little effort and investment.”
Russell Nuzzo, Head of New Client Solutions & Partnerships


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