Introducing… Zosia Jakobek, Senior Director

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Zosia discusses what Gain Theory has been doing during Women’s History Month, why We Buy Any Car’s latest campaign caught her attention, and which podcast is a must-listen.

You’re a champion of Lumena, Gain Theory’s employee resource group for women and non-binary people. What is Lumena focusing on currently?

Reframing masculinity and femininity in the workplace was the focus of our Women’s History Month (WHM) activities this year. As women working in a male-dominated industry, it’s easy to believe that you need to channel masculine energy or hide more feminine parts of your personality to be successful. We want to challenge those beliefs and celebrate the value that vulnerability can bring in the workplace, as well as recognizing that there are times when we need to be strong. I hope that this will help to foster a greater sense of belonging where more people feel that they can bring their whole selves to work and celebrate the unique skills and experiences that each of us has.

What’s the best campaign you’ve seen recently and why?

The latest We Buy Any Car campaign, Just Sold My Car, is a great example of the power of audio. It takes the brand’s distinctive jingle one step further by working the brand proposition and name into the lyrics of a well-known song. It’s really catchy, so I find myself singing it around the house! As well as audio, the campaign builds on a viral video concept, which helped to make it instantly recognizable and negate the need to build familiarity with the creative concept.

What podcast would you recommend?

Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail podcast series and memoir has been a game-changer for me in normalizing things I had considered as failures. As a long-time listener of the podcast, I bought her follow-up memoir, which really helped me to reframe things, particularly in my personal life, which were holding me back in my professional life. The back catalogue of podcast episodes is exceptional with some inspiring guests, so I believe there is something for everyone.

Who inspires you and why?

I’m very privileged to have grown up with several strong female role models. My mum has held senior roles in the software and insurance industries, for example. Seeing her success in environments which have been particularly male dominated has always driven me in my own career, and importantly meant I never doubted my own ambition. I’m forever grateful that I can hear about her workplace experiences and get her advice on how to tackle my own challenges.

In contrast, my dad has spent over 40 years teaching in the same school. He has supported thousands of children at school and after they leave by setting up networking and mentoring opportunities. This has taught me the value of building strong relationships and supporting other people’s development, which is something I care a lot about in my work with clients and colleagues.

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