Marketing attribution in a multichannel, privacy-first world: Introducing Sensor™

Why marketers need to reassess their approach to attribution

Attribution – the ability to assign credit to a media channel for a customer’s response to marketing – is evolving in the face of several significant global trends:

Data privacy-related changes, including the phasing out of third-party cookies, ongoing global regulation, and the growth of walled gardens.

The fragmentation of audiences across a wider range of platforms, meaning cross-channel measurement is harder than ever.

The need for timelier, more granular insights to enable marketers to make more complex decisions more quickly.

The result of these factors is that some well-established attribution models are no longer fit-for-purpose. Multitouch attribution, for example, is hard if the cookies and user IDs it relies on to track the customer journey are no longer available.

When you also factor in the pressure that marketers are under to prove the value of their investments in the current volatile environment, it’s clear that measuring near-term marketing performance is harder than it’s ever been.

How can marketers overcome these challenges?

Sensor™: Smarter insights. Faster results. Better ROI.

Sensor™ is an award-winning attribution solution that provides granular, near-time insights that are privacy compliant and enable optimization at the tactical level across online and offline channels. It enables marketers to answer key questions, including:

  • how to spend across different channels, partners, campaigns, tactics, creatives, and audiences
  • when to spend to account for new launches, promotions, and peak or soft periods
  • how to optimize budgets, including annual and incremental
  • how to meet different business objectives, such as in-store sales, e-comm sales, and foot traffic

“Sensor™ gave us a fantastic, up-to-date point of view on our most recent campaign across geographies, paid-social, audiences, and even out-of-home by media channel and by tactic. Gain Theory’s team activated Sensor™ quickly and worked seamlessly with our organization to deliver impact that set us on an enhanced growth trajectory for one of our key businesses.”

Brian Orlando
CMO, North America, Upfield
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What makes Sensor™ unique in the attribution field

Sensor™ enhances decision-making thanks to data-informed insights that increase ROI by enabling marketers to optimize campaigns at the tactical level in near time. Tried and tested by some of the world’s leading brands, Sensor™ can be deployed for a variety of use cases, including to:

  • Dissect TV partner performance by network, creative, and audience group
  • Assess the impact of budget shifts across paid social media platforms
  • Diagnose drops in media performance and plan for how to remedy the situation
  • Uncover portfolio-level insights across different brands

Sensor™ is underpinned by six key features that enable it do all this:


it is built on privacy-first data that can be accessed via our integrated platform


it measures both online and offline channels in one holistic solution


it provides results at a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cadence


it uncovers insights across audiences, channels, creatives, partners, and more


it increases insight depth by factoring in additional data elements, such as local economic metrics, weather, seasonality, holidays, and promotions


it benefits from proprietary methodology, exclusive data partnerships, and Gain Theory’s high-touch consultancy services

The Performance Overview shows week-by-week media delivery and performance across all activated media channels. Incremental sales, as well as effectiveness and productivity scores, for each channel are shown above.
The Channel Performance view enables you to drill into the performance of any media channel. Weekly incremental sales driven by partners are shown above, but you can filter performance by audience, campaign, creative, and geography, such as your own sales regions.
Value Creation award
Sensor™ is an award-winning solution - it won the Value Creation award at the Diageo Global Supplier Awards 2022.
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How does Sensor™ fit into a wider measurement strategy?

While the insights that Sensor™ provides can improve decision-making and increase the ROI of your campaigns in the near term, for a more holistic view of your marketing investments we recommend integrating it with other measurement tools:

  • Business driver modelling, Gain Theory’s unique take on marketing mix modeling, provides strategic, long-term insights that complement the more tactical short-term insights provided by Sensor™.
  • Marry the granular, near-time insights of Sensor™ and the more holistic approach of business driver modeling with our foresight solutions to get a unified view of measurement. Read this case study to discover how this approach was used to drive incremental revenues for an online food delivery business.
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