9 Golden Rules for Measurement

Matthew Chappell

Matthew Chappell

Senior Partner

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The decline in creative effectiveness has been much discussed, with plenty of potential reasons cited. Marketers have been accused of a short-termist myopia, of being too rational, left-brained, and of focusing on awards and not business impacts. As well as this, it has been argued that measurement is to blame: by concentrating on data and not on gut, have marketers have lost the essence of what constitutes great advertising?

As part of Thinkbox’s Demand Generation event in November 2019 I put forward a case that measurement as a practice is not to blame, but that bad measurement practice is, in that it causes marketers to make misguided decisions.

To put measurement back on the right track requires a rule book that all of the industry can follow. This rule book needs to be simple, based on experience, and well-practiced. 9 Golden Rules for Measurement is that rule book.

Read and download 9 Golden Rules for Measurement.

I recommend that you read them carefully and encourage your teams to do the same. How many of us can realistically say we follow all of them, all the time? Only by following them all can we return to best-in-class marketing measurement.

Read an article that I wrote for WARC on 9 Golden Rules for Measurement.

9 Golden Rules for Measurement is part of a wider piece of research – commissioned by Thinkbox and carried out by MediaCom, Wavemaker, and Gain Theory – that provides brands with a guide to achieving short- and long-term growth. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the planning and measurement decisions that need to be made, alongside the resulting trade-offs in terms of speed of return, base sales growth and risk.

Watch a series of videos that summarizes the research.

Contact Matt to discuss any of the issue raised in this research.

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