Introducing… Claudia Sestini, Global CMO

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Claudia discusses Gain Theory’s purpose, what marketers need to be thinking about in the current climate, and which author she finds unputdownable.

What is Gain Theory’s purpose?

Research has shown that insight-driven businesses are eight times more likely to say they grew by 20% or more than businesses that are not fueled by insights. However, separate research has found that less than one in five decisions are grounded in any form of data or insight, and many decisions are still being based on gut feel. This is why Gain Theory exists. Our purpose is simple: to accelerate growth for ambitious brands by putting data-informed insights at the heart of every investment decision they make.  

What are the hottest topics that marketers who want to stay ahead need to think about?

We live in a world of systemic challenges, notably inflation, supply chain disruption, and privacy concerns. As a result, marketers are under more pressure than ever to make faster, smarter decisions about short- and long-term investments. Strategically, they’re looking to understand where their sources of growth might come from, the levers they can adjust to accelerate growth, and the foresight they need to plan more accurately for the future. Some key things they need to consider include:  

  • how to optimize investments at a granular level across channels, audiences and creative whilst allowing for data deprecation and privacy concerns 
  • how to robustly measure the effectiveness of creative strategy and execution against business KPIs 
  • how to lean into cutting-edge techniques that allow them to scenario plan and war-game amid uncertainty. 

Why has Gain Theory had a brand refresh and relaunched its website?

The time to communicate our market-leading positioning has never been more important. In today’s uncertain climate, marketers need to lean into foresight and data-informed decisions to drive accelerated growth. Gain Theory has a 50-year heritage of delivering growth for ambitious brands and our brand refresh and relaunched website enable us to connect with clients and talent in the most relevant way. 

How important do you think long-term brand building is in the current uncertain environment?

Firstly, it’s important to note that that long-term brand building doesn’t mean disregarding short-term needs or agility. But in the world riddled with uncertainty brand building is crucial because it helps companies to build resilience, create differentiation, and deliver brand equity and long-term value. The challenge for many marketers is justifying investment in brand building if they do not have robust data to prove its ROI. I am proud to say that Gain Theory has lots of experience in helping clients to understand the long-term impacts of such investments. 

What book would you recommend to our readers and why?

I am an avid reader and find the power of storytelling seductive. I am a fan of author Elizabeth Strout, particularly her novels Lucy Barton and Oh William. She’s an incredibly elegant storyteller with an ability to communicate emotions and the fabric that interconnects people with an impact that lasts long after you put her books down.

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